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What Is The Enneagram

TransDance - a Potent, Playful and Prayer-full Dance Experience

Led by Heather Munro Pierce, a TransDance journey integrates elements of tribal motion, freeform expression, moving meditation and activated imagination. Heather returns to AET at Asilomar by popular demand - her gently guided tribal journey was a big success at the 2005 conference. 

Come honor the Mystery and celebrate life! No dance experience required – all movement is at your own pace and interpretation.

Friday, June 20 • 9:30pm
TransDance Ecstatic Movement Meditation
Weaving together Sufi poetry and Middle Eastern flavored music, we will dive into the dance to nourish and awaken the sacred heart within. Experience an embodied exploration of love and illumination. Let yourself move and be moved.

Saturday Night, June 21
TransDance Celebration
Join us for a celebratory dance through the Elements. Feel the grounding of Earth, flow of Water, Passion of Fire and Ecstasy of Air. Experience the brilliance of being fully alive and engaged with your community through music and motion.  

Heather is a modern-day temple dancer who has led inspirational, transformative and healing movement since 1988. In addition to a wide range of dance exploration, she has studied Anthropology and Religion at UC Berkeley and completed a four-year program in Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. As well as producing her own workshops, circles and retreats, she leads events for various groups and organizations, including Esalen, The Kripalu Center, Dean Ornish’s Preventive Medicine Research Institute, UC Berkeley and The Unity Church. Her passion springs from her own experience with dance as a path to healing, health and wholeness.

Heather centers her work in Northern California in the company of many brilliant and beautiful dancers and lives in Berkeley with her precious young son, Ronan, and beloved husband, Tim. For more information, visit: www.TransDance.com




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