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What Is The Enneagram

EANT scholarship program

How to apply

We offer a limited number of scholarships to students who want to attend Enneagram Narrative Curriculum programs offered by Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT), including the Enneagram Intensive and Enneagram Intensive 2.0.

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

Financial need. We want to support individuals who cannot afford to pay for Enneagram Narrative Curriculum courses.

Intention to teach. We are looking for prospective participants who have the ability and persistence to complete the training and become competent Enneagram teachers.

Diversity. We give priority to people who will bring diversity to our teaching community based on age, race, nationality, religion and income, and who will be teaching to a diverse population.

Non-profit or community service. We want to support teachers who are currently serving or who will serve non-profit organizations or community-based groups.

Volunteer teaching.We want to support individuals who are currently donating or who will make a specific proposal to donate volunteer time and energy to a community group.

For more information, please contact Barb Allgaier.

How to contribute

The EANT Scholarship Program is dedicated to raising scholarship funds for individuals in need who are wishing to become trained as Enneagram teachers. To contribute to this program, please download this form or contact EANT Administrator Barb Allgaier at admin@enneagramassociation.org or send your tax-deductible contribution directly to: 

The Scholarship Program
EANT Administrative Office
20131 Spring Gulch Road
Morrison, CO 80465

For more information, please contact Barb Allgaier, EANT administrator

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