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What Is The Enneagram

TALK JOURNAL: The eJournal for the Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition

TALK is the EANT journal written by members of the association, and is sent on the 9th of each month via email to EANT members. A wonderful platform to share new ideas and present suggestions on how to work with and apply the Enneagram, TALK has recently announced its new Editor, Matt Ahrens, EANT's former president, EANT technical committee leader, and honorary circle member.

TALK sample - imageTALK is a members' publications, and that said, we'd love to hear from you. Share your latest teachings strategies, findings, or research. If you've just written a book, an article, or a paper, we'd certainly enjoy the chance to mention it. If you've been investigating a new application using the Enneagram or find yourself teaching the Enneagram to a community that might surprise us all, we'd enjoy highlighting that too. And if you're not sure if what you're up to is newsworthy enough, contact us anyway. You never know.

Contact Matt Ahrens, TALK Editor

Review a recent issue of TALK, our online eJournal, now sent monthly via email.










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